Complete the Active Directory Survey.
Active Directory PowerPoint Presentation: migrating
Active Directory Migration Information: WorkStationMigrationInformation.docx
Student Password Information: AD-student passwords.docx
Active Directory Suggestions for STS/LMITS AD-suggestions.docx
School Map AD-suggestions.docx


Creating Internet shortcuts on your desktop is easy.
  1. Open up the Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  2. Open the Internet page for which you would like an icon.
  3. Copy the web address. (Highlight the Internet address. Right click on the highlighted address and copy.)
  4. Now right-click on the desktop.
  5. Choose New>Shortcut.
  6. In the pop-up box paste the web address of the Internet site and click Next.
  7. Enter a name for the shortcut. Click Next.
  8. Your Internet shortcut will now be on the desktop.
    1. Kearns High Website:
    2. Discipline (Educator's Handbook):
    3. Discovery:
    4. Gradebook:
    5. MyAccess:
    6. Portal:
    7. Teleparent:


In order to access your computer programs easier, you may want to create program shortcuts on your desktop.
  1. Click Start>All Program.
  2. You will see a list of all the programs you have installed on your computer.
  3. For example, the Microsoft Office folder contains the Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint programs.
  4. Right click on one of the programs and choose Send>To Desktop
  5. Repeat for every program for which you would like a shortcut.
  6. Alternatively, you can always click the LanDesk Launch pad for easy access to all the programs on your computer. Click Start and you will see it listed as the last of the "pinned" programs.


  2. Choose Change Password and reset.
  3. Remember Passwords must have 2 of the following rules:
    1. Capital Letter
    2. Special Character (*&#@)
    3. Number

Your H drive is now called your M drive. One thing you need to understand about our new system is that your My Documents folder on your computer exactly matches your M drive. They are the same thing, the same location. What you put in one place will also show in the other place. This impacts you in a couple of ways:
  1. If you use a laptop at home, your My Document files will not be available. The folder will appear blank. Any files you want to use at home, you should save to your desktop or a jump drive. Or log into your portal. All documents which are in your M drive show up in the files section on your portal. This is very cool. Easy access to all your files from anywhere. Do you remember how to log into the portal? Information about the portal is number 8 on the Teacher Tech Training Website:
  2. It also affects iTunes. By default iTunes lives in your My Music folder in My Documents. Very quickly, your allotted 10GB of space will get used up! The network engineer team is moving your default iTunes folder to the root of your C drive. This way you can download as many podcasts and music, and other videos as you want. If you need help with anything relating to iTunes, submit a work order, and we can make sure that you are working like you did before the new system.


  1. Click Start>All Programs> and look for the LanDesk Management folder. Open the Software Deployment Portal. Many software programs have been easily packaged so that you do not need to install serial numbers or click next or do anything. For example, things like…Google Earth, CS3, Interwrite, etc. are all created for you. Just click the deploy portal.
  2. Another place you can find installers in inside what is called your S Drive. It is a shares folder. S for Shared. You can create folders in this locations, and save documents into the shared folder, so that other can access what you want them to have. Do not install LanSchool Teacher without talking to Rachel. There are default setting which need to be changed in order to install it properly.
  3. You are welcome to install your own software from your CD’s or download programs from the internet to install. And finally, if you need help with anything, please let me know, by submitting a work order.


Any printer which is accessed through the network (rather than being physically attached to your computer) is now added in a new & improved way!
  1. All printers are added through Internet Explorer (be sure that you are not using Firefox)
  2. Find the yellow start next to “Favorites” in the left hand side of your webpage. Click on the star.
  3. It will open your Favorites (bookmarks).
  4. Find the Folder that says Granite School District Links. Click on the folder.
  5. Find the link that says “Printers for Secondary Schools”. Click on the link.
  6. A new web page will open with a list all of the network printers in our school.
  7. Find the needed printer by looking at the room numbers in the printer name. (For example, they are listed by location, then room number, then printer type, 630-0212-name.)
  8. Click on the printer name. Another webpage opens. Look down the left hand side of the printer webpage and choose “Connect”.
  9. When asked “Do you want to add a printer connection?” Click yes. It will say “The printer has been installed on your machine.” When it is complete.
  10. Now you can print to a network printer you just added.

Step 1: Set default room 230 copy settings.
    1. Start > Printers & Fax > Right click on the printer named 630-0230-BLK-VL9522-PCL.
    2. Choose Printing Preferences. This will most like take a bit to respond. Be patient.
    3. Click the configure tab. (It will probably say Not Responding for a long time—be patient. It may take 3 mins or so.)
    4. You will see a picture of the printer. To the right you will see a bunch of choices. Find Output Method.
    5. Click the pull down menu—choose secure print.
    6. Click the User Setting button. Another dialog box will open up.
    7. Enter your last name as the secure Print ID.
    8. Enter your copy code as the password. This will make it easier to remember.
    9. Click OK. Click OK.

  • Step 3: Send a job to the copier.
    1. Once at the copier, enter your copy code. Ok.
    2. Put your paper into Tray 1.
    3. Find the Recall button at the top of the screen. Click on it.
    4. Find the Secure Folder. Click on it.
    5. Find your name in the list of the secure job. Click on your name. Click Ok.
    6. You will be prompted for your secure password (which should be your copy code). A list of files you have sent to the copier will show on the screen. Click on the print job you want to print—it will turn green. Click OK.
    7. It will prompt you for the number of copies. Enter the number needed. Click Ok.



    1. Open My Documents. Start> My Documents
    2. Select all your files by holding down Ctrl and pressing A to select all the documents in the My Documents folder.
    3. Copy the selected items. Edit>Copy
    4. Open H Drive. Start>My Computer. Find your H drive in the list.
    5. Paste the copied files. Edit>Paste
    6. Wait for everything to finish transferring. You will see the files transferring in a separate pop-up box.

    1. Open H Drive. Start>My Computer. Find your H drive in the list.
    2. Drag and drop all documents/folders from the desktop your H drive.
    3. You do not need to backup programs or shortcuts (icons with small black or red arrows)

    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Find File in the menus at the top of Internet Explorer. Click Find > Import/Export > Next
    3. Export Favorites > Next
    4. Select the Favorites Folder > Next
    5. Export to a File or Address
    6. Click the Browse button and click on your H drive.
    7. Name your backup bookmarks+(todays date). Save > Next > Finish > OK

    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Find Bookmarks in the menu at the top of Firefox. Click Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks.
    3. Click File> Export
    4. Click the Browse button and click on your H drive.
    5. Save