1. Log into your computer. Find Rachel if you cannnot log onto your computer.
  2. Open Outlook. Send an email to someone – make sure your email is sending.
  3. Run the document camera software. (Name should be on desktop)
  4. Log into Gradebook. Set up your courses.
  5. Log into PLAN.
  6. Log into Teleparent.
  7. Open Communicator (Green oval at bottom right). Add someone in the building to your list of people and send an IM message.
  8. Make sure your projector remote turns on your projector.
  9. Turn on Digital Projector and project your desktop on the screen.
  10. Run DVD player with digital projector.
  11. Make sure your microphones work. (You should have both a teacher mic – yes, even if you talk loud, and a student mic -even if students never talk in your room) Set up charging station for Microphone.
  12. Check that sound from your computer is working on your sound system.
  13. Check that sound from your DVD player is working on your sound system.
  14. Update iTunes on your computer.
  15. Sync both the iPod and iPad. Update both devices to the newest IOS.
  16. Check that you can print to your desktop printer. Everyone needs a working printer in their room. The media center printer is designed to be a backup.
  17. Decide if you want to print directly to the copy machine – submit a work order and we can help.

  1. Update basic course info
  2. Disclosure
  3. Email or contact info
  4. Link to
  5. Link to Gradebook (
  6. Link to your website is on the Kearns High site.