The Big 6 & 6 Trait Writing Skills

Cornell Note Taking Strategies
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Six Trait Writing
Six Traits.pdf
Writing Across the Curriculum.pdf - Ideas from Colorado State University

Big 6 Steps
Step 1: Task Definition - What
What's the task?
What types of information do I need?

Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies - Think & Plan
What are the possible sources?
Which are the best?

Step 3: Location and Access - Where
Where is each source?
Where is the information in each source?

Step 4: Use of Information - Use
How can I best use each source?
What information in each source is useful?

Step 5: Synthesis - Show
How can I organize all the information?
How can I present the result?

Step 6: Evaluation - Evaluate
Is the task completed?
How can I do things better?