I probably sound like a broken record, but by far my favorite digital media resource is iTunes--especially PODCASTS! So much great content is free, easily downloadable to your computer, and shown over your new projector and audio system. I have a wiki devoted to all things iTunes:

The use of instructional videos often help students to retain information and make a visual connection to the information they are hearing or reading. The use of video can enable a classroom to go on impossible field trips, travel to new places, explore abstract or complex concepts, show experiments which can't be done in class, etc.
  1. UEN's Digital Media Resources - Choose eMedia where you will find thousands of videos, UEN recently added 98 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy and 13 episodes of Eyes of Nye (for high school).
  2. Apple Learning Exchange, view lessons plans, and watch teacher/student created videos.
  3. Howcast. Howcast provides the answer to any how-to question. (example) And, for those of you with your own website you can even create a customizable category widget to put on your website.
  4. National Geographic Video
  5. PBS Watch Online
  6. DNAtube - All Science, All the Time
  7. The Wild Classroom - EcoGeeks Video Podcasts
  8. National Archives on Google Video
  9. Blinkx
  10. Annenberg Media (free membership required)
  11. Open Video Project
  12. Reel Classics (Classic Movie Site)
  13. Teacher Domain (Multi Media Resources for Classroom and Professional Development)
  14. Field Guide
  15. Kodak Interactive Camera
  16. Teacher Tube TeacherTube provides an online community for sharing instructional videos. (science experiment example)
  17. Teachers TV is a channel and website which supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field.
  18. 100 Best YouTube Videos for the Classroom
  19. Cable in the Classroom
  20. Living Room Candidate - President Campaign Commercials




  1. UEN-Core Curriculum, new "links" section for each core subject.
  2. eThemes Search for anything! Use the calendar, the newest added feature, search by topic or grade level.
  3. Pioneer Library Worldbok or Culture Grams are a few ways to start!
  4. Internet4Classrooms


  1. Search for presentations which are already created. kkkkkkk. Google Powerpoints for more information: All About Google , Google Smarter , Google 101 , Google 201 , Uber Google 301 (Just for fun look at Patrick Crispens NetSquirrel website )