August "First Week" Checklist
District Technology Plan 2010-2014: Technology Plan 2010 - 2014.pdf
TechnologyStandards2012pFinal.pdf & TechStandardsBudget.pdf

Granite Program Help
  1. Acuity - Benchmark Testing
  2. Canvas - Online Course Management System
  3. Common Core Information
  4. Creating & Sustaining a Culturally Sensitive Classroom
  5. CRT Information - Information to help you give CRT tests to your students.
  6. Educators Handbook - Discipline Tracker - Information about the school wide discipline tracking program.
  7. Enhanced Classrooms - Projector and Audio System Information - Information for using your new projector & audio systems.
  8. Google Docs & Docs2Go App
  9. Gradebook- All you need to know about Gradebook.
  10. Inspiration - Mindmapping and other options.
  11. LanSchool - Manage and watch student computer while in the lab!
  12. Microsoft Outlook Calendars - Information on how to add the Kearns High calendar to your Microsoft Outlook.
  13. Microsoft Outlook Email - Creating Student Email Distribution Group & Rules
  14. Microsoft Office Communicator: Learn to use the new instant messaging and phone system.
    Watch the Tour - Office Communicator is an instant messaging program for "talking" to other classrooms and the office.
  15. Microsoft Office 2007 - Changes from 2002 and other training resources for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Outlook.
  16. Microsoft Office 2010 Tips
  17. PLAN (AKA. PG&E) - Professional Growth and Evaluation, your plan for the year.
  18. Portal - Webnetworks The portal can be found at Shortcut now on the school website (left hand side of the screen). The portal gives you access to district websites from home, easy access to your email, and remembers your passwords.
  19. Polycom Phones
  20. School Tipline - Anonymous reporting for bullying, violence, safety, and more.
  21. Student Password Change Link:
  22. SRI - Scholastic Reading Inventory & Lexile Levels
  23. SubFinder - Information for the new online subfinder system.
  24. TeleParent- Home reporting to parents.
  25. UTIPS - Utah Test Item Pool

workorder.pngSubmit a technology work order for any technology help you need in your classroom!( There is a shortcut is on your desktop as well (see picture to the left). Do you want or need training on something? Submit a work order for that as well! You can also check to see if your work orders have been worked on or read comments on your work order: View submitted work orders and comments.

School Tech Request Form


  1. Active Directory - Information about our new school wide computer management system.
  2. Blogs & Wikis - Resources for creating classroom websites & wiki's.
  3. Document Camera - Information for using document cameras.
  4. eMedia - UEN's resource for educational videos.
  5. Flock - A new alternative browser with a few very interesting features!
  6. Google Sketchup - Software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like.
  7. Google Earth - Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, & more.
  8. Interwrite - Features of the Interwrite software and lots of resources.
  9. iTunes - Video, Podcasts, Music - oh my!
  10. Student Email - Student Email Accounts Now Available.docx
  11. Various Online Tools - A variety of internet based tools.
  12. Web Publishing Guidelines: Granite School District Web Page Guidelines final.pdf